Jaw Dropping Video of Beautiful Kenya!

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Kenya is home to some of the most beautiful creatures alive on this earth. While we could ramble on about how Kenya should be your next trip, we will let the following video show you what you are missing out. If you need more help with planning out your vacation to Kenya, check out our awesome articles which tell you all the things a tourist should explore:

My Travels Outside Of Kenya

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I have lived my whole life in Kenya and it’s always been so important to me that I could never think of leaving. But I do travel once in a while just to see new places and meet different people with different cultures and mindsets.

I had the chance to visit the United States not long ago and I was amazed at the way they live versus how I and my family live in Africa. They had so many exciting things in the way of technology! One of the things I was fascinated by was electric lawn mowers that run with only a battery!

So I decided to read about it online to see if I could get one for my family to use, and I’m still looking into the possibility of that. It would make things so much easier and it wouldn’t pollute the air. That’s important, as we live close to a wildlife sanctuary and we are very respectful of the animals there.

I plan to visit the U.S. again in the future, as well as other more advanced countries. I love to see how others live, and I wish they could all see how simply we live at home. I think they would appreciate what they have more and not take things for granted.

7 Great Things About Kenya

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A trip to the African country of Kenya is definitely on the bucket list of many people. Famous for its outstanding athletes, incredible wildlife and vast savannah grasslands, the thought of visiting this country is bound to whet the appetite of any travel enthusiast. For those intending to visit Kenya, here is an insight of what to expect:

1. Wildlife Safari

Kenya is home to what is known as ‘The Big Five’. This is a term that refers to the elephant, lion, buffalo, rhinoceros and leopard. You will also get to see other wildlife such as zebras, cheetahs, antelopes, giraffes, hyenas and so much more. You therefore need to visit the Maasai Mara, Tsavo and Amboseli National Parks to get the golden chance of seeing these animals.


Also, from July to October every year, you will get a lifetime opportunity to see the wildebeest’s migration from the Serengeti National Park to the Maasai Mara National Reserve in search of greener pastures.

2. Tourist Attractions

A visit to Lake Nakuru will give you a chance to see the great pink flamingoes. Lewa Downs which is a wildlife conservancy, which is home to the black rhino and the endangered species of zebra and antelopes. Those who love bird watching will enjoy viewing over 200 species of birds here. In related news, it is also here that Prince William became engaged to Kate Middleton.

Lake Turkana will give you the awesome chance of seeing abundant pink flamingoes as well as gigantic crocodiles which prowl its shores in search of food.

Watamu is also a natural park found along the coast that features two lagoons as its main attractions: Turtle Bay and Blue Lagoon. Moreover, there are many water oriented activities such as dolphin watching, scuba diving and snorkeling. Another popular thing to do is to sail around on Africa’s sailboat, the Dhow.

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Mt. Kenya is estimated to be over 17,000 feet tall, and this ancient volcanic mountain is a great hiking and camping site as well. Two of its most popular spots are the Batian and Nelion, its highest peaks.

Lamu Island was first settled by the Swahili over 700 years ago, and is one of the older towns in the country. The town has no motor vehicles so donkeys are the choice of travel for many people. Also, you can take the Dhow and see the island.

If you visit Malindi, you will experience different species of great marine life, as well as enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling.

3. Political Stability

There is no doubt that Kenya has remained one of the most peaceful countries in Africa. With no history of civil war and championing peace keeping missions within Africa, it is undoubtedly one of the most peaceful countries you will find in Africa. In the past, however, tourism in Kenya experienced some setback when the country was plunged into ethnic clashes following the 2007 national elections. Since then the country has dramatically recovered from that and its people are championing for peace, love and unity.

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4. Rich Cultural Heritage

Kenya’s people are warm, hospitable and friendly. With over forty ethnic groups, this country has a very rich culture, with its official languages being English and Kiswahili. The good news for english speaking tourists is that a large percentage of Kenyan people speak english very well.

You will especially love to see the Maasai tribe in Kenya that has defied modern culture and stuck true to its indigenous culture. You can also buy some Maasai artifacts such as bead jewelry, sisal baskets, tribal masks, paintings, and sculptures. You can also buy kangas, which are wraparound skirts for women that have beautiful patterns with Kenyan proverbs printed on them.

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5. Great Food

A food known as ‘ugali’ is the staple food of people in Kenya. It is ground corn flour cooked in water and eaten with chicken, fish, goat meat or beef. It is also accompanied by green vegetables known as ‘mboga’. Another delicacy you cannot afford to miss out on is the ‘nyama choma’, a term that refers to roasted meat eaten with ugali and ‘kachumbari’, a vegetable salad.

nyama choma

6. Beautiful Climate

Because it lies on the equator, Kenya is one of those countries that cannot experience a true summer or winter, so weather conditions are inviting throughout the year. Temperatures range from 68-82 degrees inland, while it stays hot on the coast, but is more bearable with a nice wind. June-Oct is the dry season and the wet season is Nov-May and the severity of the rainfall depends on the month. Also, if you are mountain climbing, the temperature goes down the higher you climb.

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7. Beach Tourism

The white sandy beaches of the Kenyan coast offer an excellent platform to enjoy the sand, sea and sun in a way that you have never imagined. Moreover, the coastline is a fascinating paradise with palm trees where you can enjoy a nice pina colada. A deep ocean adventure will offer a breathtaking view of colorful corals and hundreds of fish species.

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